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Is AIA Group a Good Dividend Stock to Consider Now?

AIA Group

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1 stock capitalising on a HK$1.2 Trillion Transformation

Warren Buffett called out newspapers as a dying breed, he further revealed that the most valuable component of newspapers was never really the news itself... it was the advertisements.

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The Multi-Trillion Dollar Asian Boom Hidden in Plain Sight

The capacity increases in the airports that the Asian governments are eyeing is a travel scale that the world has yet to see.

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The 4 Rules for Winning in the Stock Market: A Foolish Guide for Hong Kong Investors

There are lots of myths that could stop us from being successful investors.

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The Next Blooming Star in China’s Consumer Market

Buying HSBC for retirement savings is out-of-date now, this dividend growth stock could be more appropriate. With China transiting towards a domestically focused economy, the expanding middle class has driven a skyrocketing growth in the domestic food market. We see a Hong Kong stock with ultimate potential underlies the economic explosion which you don’t want to miss.